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Partner and Support the vision that impacts generations.


Skillful and Resourceful Partners: 

Volunteering valuable skills and resources to serve in the
various areas of the organization adds to the value to services going into shaping lives, building potentials and capacities as foundation for sustainable developments in eradicating poverty.


Collaborations and alliance partners

Teamwork brings to bear greater possibilities and power to increase impact. We are open to Collaborations, Alliances and Cooperation to enrich our educational and capacity building offerings for both children and adults.


Financial Partners

Your geneorusity goes into building needed infrastructure for growth and expansion for these programs. It would not just have a one life but would be invested over and over again to empower generations for social good.


TBF is aimed at empowering generations of through the development of full
potentials through Education towards building foundations for sustainable developments goals in eradicating poverty. TBF supports families in bridging the gap of developing
children in full potential beginning from early childhood care and education, upskilling teacher
trainings, parents and child caregiver’s skills.TBF networks with individuals and organizations in providing variety of resources for the benefit of the family.
If you have the passion and resources that supports family life, positive parenting as well as the growth and development of the child to their full potential, there´s opportunity for you in the following capacities:
1. TBF Employee/Staff
2. Life /family/parenting professional/Writer/Author
3. TBF Volunteer/Intern
4. Editor
5. Counselor
6. Illustrator
7. Developers of games, videos and online fun learning tools
8. Partnering organization/company
9. TBF Creativity Hub/CREATIVE S.T.E.A.M Instructor/Facilitator
10. Financier
Your involvement increases the impact on more families, homes, schools, churches for the  benefit of society and global impact.
If you are resourceful in any or more of these capacities and are interested in partnering with us in strengthening families, the foundation of society, kindly contact us.