The founding of Christian Parenting Fellowship (CPF) in the year 2013 was under the inspiration that children are affected by their environment so that as they witness and experience true repentance in Christian parents and family relations, the message of receiving Christ and the gift of Holy Spirit unto righteousness does not become a mirage but of reality and of a truth. Through contact with children in The Beacon Family (TBF) programs in 2012, the vision of CPF came alive and was founded bringing together variety of activities equipping parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers and child caregivers in growing in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ unto raising godly generation of positive impact. Through the dedication, commitment and prayers of supportive brethren, CPF was established, We thank the Lord for the lives of all the great people who stood in with the mind of Christ in joining hearts and hands in working in the Lords vineyard.

Blessed be the name Lord for the lives of the founding members Bro. Emmanuel and Sis. Bertha Kyere-Frempong together with Bro. Francis Bansah, Sis. Yvonne Barnieh, Sis. Linda Boateng Adams, Sis. Esther Adofo, Bro.Enoch Nowel (Ps), Bro. Remy Edmundson, Sis. Gloria Akorfa Kurenty, Bro. Frank Ofori (Ps), Bro. Eric Amoako Nkrumah, Sis. Ernestina Acorlor, Sis. Jemimah Ofosu and host of other brethren standing together in the journey. 

CPF! Raising Godly generation of positive Impact