The thing about Christmas

Maame T: “For the first time in 2018 as a family we have tried sharing a scripture a day with the children from an advent calendar for December recounting who Christ is unto us. It has been elating being reminded that Christ is ‘True Vine’, ‘Bread of Life’, ‘Rock’, ‘Mediator’, ‘Wonderful Counsellor’, ‘Prince of Peace’, ‘Great High Priest’, ‘the way’, ‘the truth’, ‘Messiah’, ‘Good Shepherd’, ‘King of Kings’, ‘Redeemer’, ‘Light of the world’ and many more than we can imagine.”

Facing the Challenges between the Spiritual and Carnal Encounters of Christmas

Family Prayer and Fasting

In my teens, I experienced terrible stomach ulcer. This was so severe that any time the sore in the tummy was triggered all households in the neighborhood heard my wailing. This made me stop fasting and also became conscious of my diet.

Growing in the Lord, I knew there were lots of benefit in prayers and fasting as Christ mentioned that certain things/spirits can only be moved through prayers and fasting (Matt 17:21) and many others. Even though others shared having health problems due to fasting, others also had great testimonies through fasting.

I desired to learn, sought to grow in the area of prayer and fasting to experience the power of the Lord from that side also. To the glory of God, through fasting the stomach Ulcer was healed and until date I have been blessed immensely in many areas of life through prayer and fasting with no problem to my health.

The attached study/discussion has been a blessing to families including those with children as young as 5 years, friends and others and I believe it would bless you also. 

Good insight

Thank you for insightful articles and family digest contents. God bless you. Grateful Parent

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